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Integrity Training aims to provide learners who ​work with children and young people the ​necessary tools to enhance their knowledge ​and confidence in delivering safe care ​according to statutory guidelines.

Our hands-on and cooperative training ​endeavours to cultivate a safe and nurturing ​environment for children and young people by ​prioritising their needs and best interests with ​unwavering integrity.

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Team Training We Provide

Integrity provides training designed to support professionals in residential homes for children and young people. The training aims to equip individuals with the necessary ​awareness, skills, and competencies to effectively care for and ensure the safety of children.

We advocate for collaborative work with broader networks to enhance safe and effective care practices. This includes proper responses, documentation, reporting, and ​referrals that prioritize the well-being of children.

Tailored courses can be created to address specific needs and preferences.

Integrity training is committed to staying current with best practices in training. Additional courses will be introduced as they become available.

meaningful, practical, and enabling

Safeguarding Homes For Children

Missing From Home

Safe Medication Administration

Emotional Regulation Mental Health and emotional resilience (includes distress tolerance compassion fatigue and blocked care)

Therapeutic Parenting


Recording and Reporting

CSE, CSA & County Lines

Safety Planning, Rapid Reviews, Risk Management and risk practices

Counter Bullying

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lEADERSHIP consultancy oFFER

Integrity provides consultancy services that aim to empower teams and leaders in navigating ​and supporting the complexities of trauma-informed environments.

Our objective is to promote healthy cultures, sustainable systems, and safe practices through a ​child-centered approach.

We strive to improve child and youth-centered care, professional skills, and nurturing ​environments.

Collaborating with partners, we offer support in leadership planning and guidance for those ​establishing or enhancing children's homes.

Integrity is ready to address service needs post-inspection by offering action plans, compliance ​notices, as well as policy and procedure development and review.

Our consultancy at Integrity assists in registration preparations and devises strategies to uphold ​the ethos and vision of homes and environments as they progress.

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Ne​w Homes

Integrity provides consultancy services that assist with the development or review of the ​following:

Model of Care Consideration

Systems and Processes building

Policy and document templates

Guidance around safer recruitment

Workforce development planning

Supporting Statement of Purpose review

Locality Risk assessment support

Risk assessment guidance

Registration preparations

Signposting to services that can assist covenants of changes of use

Signposting to health and safety service and Fire Risk assessments

About us

At Integrity, we collaborate with leaders, teams, and organisations to help them define ​their objectives and strategies, plan actions, and demonstrate the completion of tasks.

Our primary focus is prioritizing children and young people in all our endeavours. We are ​dedicated to establishing an inclusive and nurturing learning environment that promotes ​growth and progress.

We emphasize the importance of reflection and curiosity as valuable components ​throughout our support and services.

Our social care training for professionals working with children and young people aims to ​enhance team skills, increase awareness, and offer evidence-based examples of best ​practices for those who care for and support young individuals.

Our goal at Integrity is to ensure that every learner who undergoes our training feels ​prepared and empowered to make a positive difference in their roles and responsibilities.


For more than twenty years, Leanne Gilbey has been a guiding figure in the field of ​Health and Social Care. With 16 years dedicated to the NHS, she has served as a ​nurse in inpatient and Community Mental Health services. Working closely with ​multidisciplinary teams, Leanne has assisted both young people and adults in ​finding paths to improved mental health and overall well-being.

In her role as a Registered Mental Health Nurse, Leanne brings a wealth of ​experience to the Integrity team. Leanne is also trained in emotional regulat​ion interventions and cognitive behavioral approaches, skills she has refined over ​the years. Prior to specializing in mental health, Leanne worked in general nurs​ing war​d​s.

Through her extensive background, Leanne has been instrumental in support​ing learning and development for individuals encountering various mental hea​lth challenges like anxiety, depression, emotional regulation difficulties, attachm​ent issues, self-harm, and suicidal though​t​s.

Recently, Leanne teamed up with Dave at Integrity Training, combining th​eir expertise to provide safe, effective, and evidence-based training directly​ to services. Their joint mission is to cater to the training requirements of servi​ces dedicated to children and young people, and they are excited to collaborate w​ith you to address your service's training nee​ds.

Embarking on a compassionate journey, Dave Hughes has dedicated more than 17 years to ​supporting children, young people, and families for over 17 years since 2007. Dave has served as a ​Registered Manager for children and young people's homes and as a Responsible Individual on two ​occasions.

Dave has collaborated with local authorities, and public and private sector services, covering areas ​such as youth teams, youth offending, early help, secure estate, dual diagnosis settings, homeless ​and resettlement services.

Dave has closely collaborated with multiple agencies, extended services, and safeguarding ​partners, taking a holistic approach. He has also conducted training for the Police, health and social ​care, and education. Dave's expertise extends to providing comprehensive training to new and ​existing children's home teams, facilitating homes to register with Ofsted and conducting ​independent regulation 44 visits.

In 2019, Dave co-founded, developed, and managed a therapeutic community offering care to ​children and young people, with 24 homes providing psychological therapy and life stories. ​Additionally, Dave offers therapeutic support to professionals caring for children and young people.

From September 2023 to June 2024, Dave supported a therapeutic community through two ​compliance notices, a thematic historic safeguarding review, the development of a full suite of ​policies and procedures, and provided consultation support to the Senior Leadership Team as part ​of service redesign and relaunch.

I was going to wait until our next Ofsted visit to mention the difference that Dave Hughes has had on our service in the last 4 weeks.

However, irrespective of what happens next week, I simply have to openly celebrate the amazingly positive impact that he has had on the young people, the team, and the organisation as a whole……….

……… and for me personally!!

Dave has walked by my side for 4 weeks. He has inspired and motivated me through possibly the most challenging period of my career.

He’s guided me through my doubts, and he’s reassured me when I was concerned. He’s validated everything I thought about how much potential our wonderful service has and confirmed my ideas about how it needs to improve to maximizse it’s potential.

Across the service, Dave has created meaningful relationships. The young people in our care trusted him immediately, our colleagues welcomed him straight away, and our leadership team had absolute confidence in him from the very first meeting.

If you’re looking for support within the Children’s Care Home sector and/or Therapeutic Community sector, then I can honestly 100% recommend Dave.

In the last 4 weeks, I haven’t just found a like-minded ally within the sector, I’ve found a friend.

– Stephen Cheetham CEO Glebe House

Recent Feedback

Recent Feedback

Dave Hughes has been supporting Glebe House (Friends Therapeutic Community Trust) since early Sept ​2023. He played a pivotal role in guiding us through two Ofsted Compliance Notices, and back into the ​normal cycle of inspections!!

Dave is currently undertaking a retrospective review of practice at Glebe House, and is joining our ​Executive Team tomorrow for some forward planning for January-March 2024 - ahead of our reopening in ​April.

I have absolute professional respect for Dave, and feel hugely grateful that our paths crossed when they ​did.

– Stephen Cheetham CEO Glebe House


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